What really is The Christian Belief?

Therefore we believe in Jesus Christ

Ole D. Madsen

The characteristics for our belief in the Pentecostal Church is that it is personal. We belief in Jesus Christ and we have experienced that Jesus is not just an historical person who lived 2000 years ago, but that he also lives and meets people in this present day and age.
When I was a soldier 33 years ago, in the then AirBase in Værløse north of Copenhagen, I saw myself as an atheist.
I often visited YMCA for soldiers which was located outside of the Camp.I went there to drink coffee, play pool or table tennis.
One evening a Lutheran Mission Group in Hillerød visited the Military Camp. It was a group of young people
who sang christian songs and then after told us about God.
I think that it was very interesting to sit and discuss the christian faith with each other.
Suddenly a young woman who sat opposite me said that ‘I needed to be saved’I didn’t know what she meant by this,
but the thought continued to plague me. What if she was right and I was
wrong concering the God that I refused to know about. All I knew about the bible was that it was about going to heaven or hell.
It was not a nice thought to think about going to hell, so I decided to investigate which of us was right.

This incident took place in the autumn of 1977,and seeing that we were so close to xmas,
I desired a bible as a xmas present. I received it, but i couldn’t find peace to read it. Instead I prayed to God
‘God if you are her please let me come in contact with some young christians when I move from the
airbase in Værløse to The Sergeant School in Varde’.

Around the 1st of march 1978, I received a letter in my hand, as it was this time that the post was
being handed out amongst the soldiers. I quickly ripped open my letter as I needed to
quickly place it in my suitcase before I had to return to my the days’ duties.
I managed only to see the word ‘God’ in my letter and my heart began to beat.
When work was finally finnished for the day and I could read my letter,
It was to my surprise that I was invited to participitate in an arrangement for
young in Lutharan Mission Society in Ølgod North of Varde.

I received the answer to my prayers. This day, I became aware that Jesus lives
and I would like to get to know him and follow him for the rest of my life.
It has become a wonderful friendship, which means everything to me in my everyday life.
I have learnt about God’s grace and have grasped
that Jesus incomprehensibly substituted himself for our death on Golgotha.

It is therefore we belief in Jesus.

This has amazingly done so much for me over the years and it still gets better.
That’s why we believe in Jesus Christ


Ole D. Madsen

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