International Food Party

International Food Party

Saturday th. 23 of November we have Food Party in Pinsekirken It’s a multicultural evening where we eat together, and where we have different kind of performances. Up till 200 people gather this evening

Welcome to The Pentecostal Church

We are a Charismatic Church for people from different nationalities and backgrounds. You are welcome, totally non-comittal, to visit one of our Sunday Morning Services. Here you will experience a very strong spiritual atmosphere, joyfull songs and listen to...

The way Jesus met people

The Way Jesus met people Posted on 21. januar 2012 at 16:56 by olehd For the Son Of Man came to seek and save what was lost.Luk. 19:10       The reason behind what I have written today is based on a little remark which I read on Facebook:  A modern social media, where...