The Way Jesus met people

Posted on 21. januar 2012 at 16:56 by olehd

For the Son Of Man came to seek and save what was lost.Luk. 19:10       The reason behind what I have written today is based on a little remark which I read on Facebook:  A modern social media, where we transfer our knowledge to one another in what we are doing and where we can freely comment on the things that others are doing. One of my friends who I think highly of, has experienced some things that make him no longer live as a believer, but openly holds a distance from the faith in Christ.

This hurts and affects me a lot. It is therefore, why I have also yearned to become more like Jesus and to be able to meet people just right there, where they are in their lives.

There is a lot of meaning in the above, inspirational verse. It talks about Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus. This Tax Collector who lived richly on taking so much tax from people and keeping it for himself.

His encounter with Jesus was a life transformation. This is my own view of Jesus and it inspires me.

I repeatedly go back in remembering a man who was sent from God; yes this man is God himself,and he is on a mission to meet people. The focus was not on Himself, but on others, and to carry out his Father’s will.

Jesus is a role model for everyone.

To achieve not seeing ourselves as being the centre of our own little world, but seeing others as the centre, is far from being reached.

I discovered rather quickly, that I was not even capable of this.

I must seek God’s help. The next thing that inspires me is that Jesus came to seek and save. He completed God’s Salvation’s plan later on the cross, but he used his life to reach out to people. Therefore, it is the reason why you and I have come to believe. He wandered around and met people. He spoke his words of wisdom to people based on what they needed to hear.

He healed those who were sick, and he delivered those who were bound. I therefore think: what is my goal in life,  and what is my life about. Jesus completed his goal when he cried out from the cross:  “It is finished” When he made it possible for us all to share in His perfect life,  which was provided as a result of his resurrection from the dead.

But who will continue his earthly mission in reaching out to others: This Jesus can no longer do, because he is not here, but in heaven. I’m here and you’re here. Are we willing to go out and seek others or I’ll re-phrase this in another way: Are we willing to make ourselves available and pray that Jesus can use us for this mission: To reach out and let him save those who are lost.

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